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My name is Honza Urban, but they call me “Mr Wolf”. Remember Pulp Fiction? That was him. He solved problems. I solve problems too. Any problems. In start-ups, in corporations, wherever.



I’m an investor in startups, right now with a bit of free time. My professional history? First a lawyer for White & Case, so I can analyse practically any problem in detail. Then management consultancy with McKinsey & Company where I learnt to look at problems within the bigger picture. I’ve built up a number of companies, giving me insight into probably all the pitfalls in business. I’ve sold a few, and I still own some others. I invest in new concepts and I help to test out and launch new products onto the market.


My specialty is win-win negotiating. I’ve studied Effective Negotiating in the USA at Harvard Law School. I’ve received my knowledge from the leaders in the field. In business, you’re always negotiating. I’ve negotiated effectively hundreds of times, if not thousands.

My specialty is “win – win” negotiations. I studied effective negotiating in the United States at Harvard Law School. The leaders in the field shared with me their know-how. In business you’re always negotiating. I’ve done hundreds, if not thousands, of such negotiations.


I’m ready to share my free capacity through consultancy for start-ups and larger companies. I prefer to work within shorter intensive programmes dealing with an acute problem so we can find its ultimate cause and direct the company to further development. You can call me at five to midnight, or five past midnight. But I prefer longer-term co-operation, moving companies to a higher level. Everything can be done in-house, of course. 


I’m driven by seeing people succeed in business. So you know how to set out, or not to give up no matter what complications cross your path. Is your company failing and you don’t know why? My objective is to transfer enough of my know-how to you so you can generate new momentum.


I can help with anything from setting up processes, increasing sales to kick-starting company expansion abroad. For the long-term and sustainably. It can’t be done is never my response. We can always find a way together. I can help you get things done quickly and find an effective solution. 


In short, I can solve problems. Any problems. In start-ups, in corporations, wherever. That’s why some even call me Mr Wolf. 


Write or call. With a briefly and clearly defined problem. 


"Jan has been an active mentor with StartupYard, the tech-startups accelerator for more than 5 years. The feedback from our founders has always been extremely positive because Jan was really engaged with all of them both with supporting and challenging ideas. Not only can he think like a entrepreneur and give others relevant and actionable feedback, he is also an experienced investor which means he can help any founder get into the investor's mindset."

Cedric Maloux - founder and manager of several internet startups since 1996 and currently the CEO of StartupYard. Initially an IT engineer specialised in Artificial Intelligence

"I knew Jan Urban when he was CEO and I was his chairman for period of several years.  I can note many attributes about him that I began to appreciate over time but the overriding impression I have of him as being thoroughly professional.  He always comprehensively thought out every aspect of the issue that may have been at hand.  Ultimately he boldly and successfully executed the strategy we had for the business."

 Ajit Virk - Investment Fund Manager & Private Investor

"I've worked with Jan in a few different capacities in the past. When I was CEO of CCS, I worked with him as my counterpart on the potential acquisition of one of his companies, and his professionalism was impressive. As a co-owner of StartupYard, I appreciate the knowledge he shares with our startups, and I know that he'll always be one of the most impactful mentors. And when I was advising the "Digital Czar" of the Czech government, I called on Jan to participate in my workshop (aiming to provide a roadmap for an improved Czech startup ecosystem), because he is one of the top startup experts in the country and always provides pragmatic, actionable insights and guidance. His blend of corporate and hands-on startup experience, combined with his intelligence and communication skills, make him a huge asset for any team that needs to up its game."

Philip Staehelin - Ex-Managing Partner of Roland Berger,

Ex-CEO of CCS ($500m alternative payment company), Founder of Spectacler

Honza is a reliable partner with long-term horizons. Over the past 18 years during which I have encountered him professionally, he has always negotiated entirely professionally, transparently and on the basis of objective data. He leads every negotiation so that I have later been able to look the other party in the eye without feeling ashamed. He’s tough, but respectful and fair.

 Pavel Řehák - Partner at VIGO Investments

I’ve known Jan for 16 years.  From his days running his own start-up when I worked for Klilcullen Capital Partners to him advising me on my own start-up  Jan has a razor-sharp intellect that allows him to drill down very quickly to the kernel of problems and provide possible solution; even out of the box type solutions when required.  Jan is the rare combination of former top lawyer, former top consultant, and successful entrepreneur.  He is in the fact the only person that I know that was able to transform from the golden cage of the corporate world into the rough and ready entrepreneur world and to excel at all levels. 

There are many adjectives to describe Jan: Intelligent, fair, diligent, but I would have to say his adaptability is the key to his success and why he is able to help start-ups and why he has developed so far himself.  Jan is not afraid to pick-up the phone and call any CEO or director to get a critical meeting that may move your business to the next level.

I can only recommend that you incorporate Jan into any project you are working on.

Andrew Fuchs - the Founder & CEO,, online insurance broker

I have had the opportunity to work with Honza several times during the last twenty years, in several various roles: As his colleague, client, JV partner and when establishing a new start-up. In all these situations he utilised his energy, tenacity and ability to listen to and understand people around him, in order to propose a solution that would be an acceptable compromise for all the involved parties. And this is why we always managed to achieve the set goal together.

 Lubor Žalman, founder of EnCor Wealth Management, formerly Managing Director of Raiffeisenbank


Write or call. Briefly and with your problem clearly defined.

CELL: 602 354 358



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